Monday, 7 June 2010

Award for me

Hi Ladies just wanted to share with you this amazing award that the very talented Lorraine gave to me today,you just have to go over to her place she is one of the most talented ladies I know so if you have not been over please pop over for a little look I asure you won't be disappointed.
Well as you know there are always rules when recieving awards so here they are:,link and thank the person who gave you the award.
2. Tell 6 lies and 1 truth about yourself.
3.Pass this award onto 7 people ans message them letting them know you have given them an award.

Right so here goes my 6 lies and onr truth I shall let you guess which you think the truth is for fun if you like.

1.I am a size 10 in dresses
2.I am a natural blonde
3.I have studied law
4.I have 2 children
5.I have been in a relationship with my partner for 13 years.
6.I have 4 sisters
7.I love to go running

lol some of these are such lies please forgive me I am a truthful person most of the time(see what this award has done to me lol
My 7 blogging friends I am going to give this award to are:








Sorry if you comment regular and your name is not listed I will try and choose you next time but feel free to accept this award if you follow my blog you all deseve it but I could only choose 7.
Lorraine xx


Diane said...

Thanks for the award Lorraine! I think the truth of your list is Being in a relationship for 13 yrs,but I could be wrong.

Diane said...

Hi Lorraine,it's me again. I had my post all ready for this award and then when I went to visit everybody's blog to let them know about it,I had the same link for each and every one of the blogs. So I gave up trying to fix,sorry,
my head is just not here today. Maybe I'll try again tomorrow,lol! Been a long day!
Thanks again though!


Thanks hun x will put it on my blog later as I am just about to go out of the door x I assume you know a "Lorraine" won Idas candy at the top of your page (£10 Joanna sheen voucher) I am sure you do, but just making sure x I am so proud of you being asked to join Cow-Girl DTeam, TOLD YOU SO!!!! I am sure many of us shall follow you there to watch your progress Leigh xxxxxxxxxxx

Marion E. said...

Congrats on getting this award.
I love that truth and lie game.


Diane said...

Oh Lorraine,Thanks for checking the link for those young children. I know alot of people visit your blog,if you find the time to post about it,I'm sure we could get alot of cards to them. You are such a sweetie~!

Poppet said...

Thank you for this award Lorraine, I will take it in a couple of days if you don't mind, not posting as not feeling 100%. :-) xx

Jacilynn said...

What a well deserved award! Congrats. And thanks a bunch for voting for me.

Paula said...

Thanks for this Lorraine - have finally worked out what to do.
Paula (PEP)