Tuesday, 20 July 2010

LOOK What The Gorgeous Fern Gave Me

Hi everyone there is a very special person in blogland who I really admire and inspires me so much and she has given me this lovely award which I am truely honoured to recieve.Who I hear you ask well the clue is in the title the one and only Fern from Fern's creations and OMG you just got to go to her house(blog).She is super duper talented weather it be cards,gifts and scrapbook layouts I have known her ever since I first started my blog and she really has helped me to build up my confidence so please pop over there and you will see exactly what I mean she is a true crafty genius in my opinion.THANKYOU SO VERY MUCH FERN.

Right now as you know when an award comes along there are always rules and as they say some rules are just made to be broken I always feel really bad when listing just a few and as I now have over 70 followers it would take me far too long to link each and every one of you which is what I want to do give this award to all of my followers it means so much that you visit my blog and have chosen to follow me(still not quite sure why)lol.so please all of you feel free to take this award and display it proudly on your blogs because all of you are worthy of this with all the beautiful things you create without you I would have nothing I live for this craft blogging its what gets me up in the morning and sends me to bed smiling(when I eventually get there that is).I just want you to all know that I appriciate each and every one of you.
Lorraine xx


Poppet said...

2 well deserved awards Lorraine. I love what you do with your cards and you always put sunshine on my blog with your comments. :-) xx

Emma said...

Congrats on your awards Lorraine.
Hugs Emma x

Mandy said...

Hi Lorraine,
Congrats on your awards well deserved...I love my blogging and all the fab people I've met the same as you...
mandy xx