Monday, 27 December 2010

12 Days of Fluffmas-with candy

Join in with the 12 days of fluffmas and you could win some fab goodies from Faye by answering 12 simple questions here are the questions with my answers sorry if i get some wrong Faye.

1.How old is Sweet Cheeks? 2 years old

2.What is my mums blog called? Its an Aliens life
3.What are my fave colours?pink and green(big guess)
4.We recently moved but from which county?Devon

5.How many posts did i write in August?16 posts
6.Which 2 challenge blogs do i play on? Sweet Stampin and Cupcake crafts
7.When is my birthday? March
8.What is my fave crafting item?Ribbon
9.Name the alternate reality i Inhabit? Fluffy Faye(I've been fluffed)lol.
10.I love this as much as crafting what is it? the famous Choklit
11.What do we refur to my dad as?Doc Shingles

12.Once upon a time I had a career in?Catering/Being a chef

Lorraine xx


Poppet said...

Good Luck with the Fluffmas Candy Lorraine. I hope you had a fantastic Christmas and have a wonderful New Year. :-) xx

♪♫♥ Charity Crafter ♪♫♥ said...

Hi ya lady!!!!! Loved reading about you x Thanks for my beautiful card, it is gorgeous (love the little stand!) That will be in my scrapbook! x leigh x