Thursday, 2 February 2012


Roberta over at Prairie Fairy is offering this super cute stamp set away as candy which I love in fact think I need this one lol and she would like to know what we love well this one is pretty easy for me so here is a little list of the things I love:

1.My wonderful partner of 14 years (makes me sound old lol im only 30 honest)
2.My gorgeous 4 year old soppy staffy Blade
3.My mum and dad(the best I could wish for)
4.My crafty stash(of course)
5.My very good friend Paula who I met through blogging(she has been there for me so much in the last few years listening to me go on and moan about things,your really are the best and im so glad we started to chat all that time ago.
6.My blog of course and all my wonderful followers I class you all as friends as where i live its very difficult to find people you trust so thankyou for all your support.
7.Strawberries and chocolate(had to pop this one in lol even though I really should stay away from the chocolate).

Well im sure there is much more things and people I love like my sister and her children but if I don't stop now I never will lol and I got colouring to do.
If you like this stamp set why not pop over and enter yourself.
Lorraine xx

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