Monday, 14 March 2011

I Hate System Tool

I cannot believe it my puter has been overtaken by system tool and now I can't do anything but luckily me and rob have a profile each and his is ok but all of my stuff is on mine and i don't know how to shift this virus i am not very happy at all,Rob said he will take another look tomorrow for me there are videos on youtube but i can't understand them gosh what a nightmare.For those of you who know me and email me sometimes I am using my partners address which i normally do anyway but just so you know I have changed it now on this blog so i will recieve them ok.
I have got a few cards to share with you tomorrow so i will let you know how things go
see you all soon
Lorraine xx


xxxtglxxx said...

Awww Lorraine - thats terrible. I hope you get it sorted real soon.



Paula said...

Sounds dreadful - never heard of this before but know only too well the frustration. Hope you get this sorted ASAP.
Paula (PEP)