Sunday, 18 April 2010

My 1st Double Diagonal Pocket Card and I'm worried...

Hi all of you blog mad people out there (sounds like i am speaking to myself) I hope those of you who have been lucky enough to go out in the gorgeous sunshine today have enjoyed soaking up the rays I went out earlier today and it was beautiful.

Tomorrow I have got to have dental treatment done and because I am so scared of needles and having any sort of treatment at the dentist I have to be sedated tomorrow afternoon and I am just a bit worried about it all really. know what your thinking 'what a big baby' and to be honest I would have to agree lol. I mean there are people out there a lot worse off then me but if you have a phobia it seems to stay with you really.I think it might be because of past expieriences when they have tried to take a tooth out but never numbed the area properly.
Oh well it will hopefully be over fairly quickly and I don't want to bore you all anymore with my sillyness so lets talk craft.
Today I have been making a double diagonal pocket card it was the first one I have ever made and it turns out that it was easier than I thought it would be.I used 2 gorjuss girl images,promarkers,bobunny double sided paper,nestabilities,ribbon and finished with some pretty red roses.The image on the tag is the goth gorjuss girl and she has a scull and cross bones in her hair but to make her look a little more sweet I covered the scull over with a rose and now she looks like butter wouldn't melt lol.
Thankyou all for listening to my moaning and taking a look at my latest creation the challenges I am entering this one into are:


Leann said...

Aaaaaw sweetheart - I'm not great with dentists either so I feel for you! Hope all goes well :D
gorgeous card and fab colouring - I love it!
Hugs x

Gina said...

Poor you! I'm lucky, I have a very high pain threshold so I don't bother with needles. Remember to breath deeply and slowly and keep a beautiful thought in your head. I use the image of a clear blue sky and imagine birds singing. Practice before you go, and make the effort to concentrate on that happy thought. It will help if you let it!
Love as always Gina x x x

Poppet said...

Great card Lorraine it's beautiful. You have coloured the Gorguss Girls images in beautifully. I like the way you have highlighted their hair. Must try one of these double fold cards. :-) xx

I don't like the dentist needles either but I find it helps like Gina says to concentrate on something on the ceiling. Look for the cobweb and don't look at the needle.!! :-) xx

Tamiko's said...

I absolutely love it!! Great job and thank you sooooo much for playing along!!! I hope you will continue to participate every month! :)


debsdoescrafts said...

Aww Lorraine hope all goes well at the dentist today. Also what a lovely card, it's just beautiful. Hugs Debbie x

Paula said...

Hope the dentist is OK. You're absolutely right about the phobia side too - it can be absolutely incapacitating & others just think you're being daft. It's real enough. My husband has to have an injection whilst they do ordinary work & they have to do any cleaning manually. Do take care & I love what you've done with the SCS Sugar Nellie challenge.
Paula (PEP)
Thinking of you


Hi Lorraine, you're not a baby x Fears are very worrying things, but whats the saying..... Courage is conquered fear x I think it is true x I dont know if it is you, but over at Sweet Pea, a "Lorraine" has won a prize x It doesnt say anymore, so you had better check to see if it is you x this card by the way is absolutely gorgeous x I can see you going on a Design Team next x You go girl! Leigh x

Mina said...

oooohhhh I hope the dentist went well Lorraine...beautiful tag card, gorgeous coloured images too
Mina xxx


Hi Lorraine there is a "Lorraine" as candy winners on

and Sweet pea blog x Hope its you x Leigh x

Diane said...

That is so sweet,love your tag!!!