Sunday, 21 March 2010


Hi all just a little moan to get it off of my chest.

Today i was blogg hopping like usual and i do have a few regular challenges that i like to enter and then i stumbled across one of my usuals and they said that they have had so many entries that they have to crack down on their rules and you need to have perfect clean crisp photographs to be seriously considered in the challenges.HOW OUT OF ORDER IS THAT.
I have heard the same thing from so many bloggers today and i am just glad i am not alone in all of this and whats more i left them a comment saying that unfortunately i won't be able to join in anymore because i am not very good at taking perfect photographs and believe me it wasn't a horrible comment just the truth basically and now they have removed my comment it just makes me so mad i mean i am a crafter not a photographer what do they expect from us i mean if you don't want loads of entries why run a challenge blog its beyond me.
Anyway thats me thankyou for listening to me moaning on and thankyou to everyone who has been really supportive over my rubbish PHOTOGRAPHY you are all great.
Lorraine xx


Gina said...

Oh Lorraine, you sound so upset. I totally agree with you. The challenges are supposed to be fun. If they can't talk citisism they shouldn't dish it out! I bet your's isn't the only comment they've had to remove. Take a deep breath and remind yourself "It's their loss".
Big HUGS and Loads of Love Gina x x x.
Don't let them put you off, your stuffs great!

Poppet said...

Don't worry Lorraine, I think this is something we have all found. When I started looking at challenges I found some really wanted you to jump through loops, post this, blog that, put this on your side bar it isn't worth it . There are plenty out there that do it for fun to see other peoples creations, and leave messages for like minded people. We do crafting for the love of it, not to be told it's no good because a picture may be a little out of focus. Gina is right you make great cards and there are more challenge blogs out there that don't take themselves too seriously. Keep crafting Lorraine, it's worth it. There I've had my gripe now too. :-) xx

Lorraine said...

thanks girls im too addicted to let them get me down loads of people have been angry bout this today but you ladies have made me feel much better so thankyou hunnies xx

LORi said...

Dear Lorraine,

My heart is broken. I have tried and tried to find a way to write to you and let you know that I am truly and utterly sorry for the way that my words on the blog came across:

''It really is very difficult to choose winners from each weeks challenge due to
the amount of wonderful talent out there...WOW!!

"Due to the amount of participants and the fact that it is very hard to pick winners each week, we wanted to let you know that we are gonna crack down on the voting process and while judging we are looking for clear, crisp, clean and neat photographs!!''

It was never my intention you cause you ANY hurt. I understand that you do not personally know me and that you can only judge me by the words I have chosen and the way I have written it!! If you knew my heart, you would surely know that to upset or hurt anyone. To find out or to make you feel less in any way really makes my stomach ache!! I am here now to let you know that I truly apologize, that I am very sorry for any hurt I may have caused!! I realize I need to be more careful with the way that I write the posts and I thank you for bring that to my attention!! I hope you can find it in you heart to forgive me!!

Blessings - LORi

debsdoescrafts said...

I'm sorry to hear this Lorraine, your cards are lovely. I scan most of my cards coz I'm crap at taking pics. I'm sure there are other challenges that your great cards can enter. Their loss someone elses gain, as they say. Chances are others will be taking their cards else where too!
Keep your chin up, have a good week and don;t let this get you down. Debbie x

Littleted62 said...

Hi Lorraine, this was a ridiculous thing for a challenge blog to say! There are loads of other ones out there who are in it for the creativity of the entries, not the photos, so just enter your lovely cards in those instead.

Nicki, xx

Ann said...

I do hope you have accepted Lori's apology Lorraine. I know how totally devasted she has been over this as she would not hurt anyone intentionally.
Hope you will continue to enter as many challenges as possible and not worry about your photos. I for one have terrible problems with both acetate and mirri board, but I still use them.
Ann xxx

Leann said...

Aaaaaw Lorraine - come and join us over on CCT. We started our challenges 2 years ago because the few other challenge blogs that were around then took themselves far too seriously and had a ridiculous amount of "rules" for entering - our only "rule" is that you have fun crafting!
We always use to pick out our winners because as far as we're concerned EVERYONES creation is gorgeous - who are we to say one person makes better crads than another?!
We'd love to see you joining in with us :D
Hugs x