Monday, 22 March 2010

Compforting news

Hi ladies before i start i would just like to say a massive happy birthday to my friend Leigh over at CHARITY CRAFTER have a great time huni.
Right as some of you know i got a bit upset yesterday about a challenge blog and i would just like to add that the lady has come and given me a massive apology as she didn't mean to upset me one bit which i was very happy about so thankyou very much.she commented on my original post and made her lovely apology there so for anyone who would like to read it please feel free.
thanks everyone i will try to upload some cards to share tomorrow.
Lorraine xx



Hi honey x Thanks so much for birthday wishes x

Leigh x

Fern said...

Hi Lorraine, I read the apology, and I think it was very nice of them!! I also have something on my blog for you!! Hope you enjoy it!!! XXX

Gina said...

I read it yesterday and agree she was genuinly upset at the distress she'd inadvertantly caused you. Well done for sharing the love!
love as always Gina x x x