Monday, 15 March 2010


Hi everyone i am in desperate help as some of you who visit my blog well know my photographs are terrible but as i have only had a computer for a short time i am still learning.What i would like to know is how can i stop my photos from looking so blurry is there a program i can take them into or something to make them look clearer thankyou.
Lorraine xx


Gina said...

Sorry Lorraine, I struggled so much with photos it was easier to buy a printer with a scanner.
love as always Gina x x x

Poppet said...

Sorry Lorraine my camera was so blurry when I took pictures of my cards my OH bought me a 10mp camera when it was on offer. Gina has a good idea though if your printer has a scanner use that. I know a few people do and the results are fine. Hope this helps. :-) xx

Leann said...

Hiya Lorraine,
Couple of things you could try - if your camera has a Macro setting, make sure it's switched on. This really does help! Also try to take your pics in daylight {outside even if possible!), they do seem to come out much clearer then.
Sorry I can't be of more help - I'm not the best at photography!
Hugs x

Lorraine said...

thanks ladies i will give it a try

Debra James said...

Hi Lorraine, Ok here goes, I take my photos on a large white canvas but a large piece of white 12x12 cardstock or so would do. (this helps reflect light)I then take them with a lot of light and take a few of them at a time -up to 5 at least on slightly different angles to the natural light.- no flash! By taking more then 1 you can choose the better of them all.also sometime if you place your camera on top of something steady(table) and you get down to the level of the camera this can help. Another way is when you go to take the photo only push the button in a little way, this allows you and the camera to focus the picture better, then push button all the way, I then go thru a program called -"Windows Live Photo Gallery, this allows you to crop and adjust colour.I take all my photos this way so hope this has been some help to you, Hugs Debra xxx

Lorraine said...

thanks debra will give this a try too xx